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General Questions from a ART Newbie
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Hi Louie,

Thanks for the great questions!

  1. The Anakee tires are not a problem as long as they have plenty of tread - See ART Bike Prep
  2. Yes there will be plenty of secure space for your panniers and extra gear.
  3. Yes the comms units should be removed. Not the mount, just unclip the device from the mount. We don't want you getting a phone call on the track! Plus it will eliminate the chance of it flying off your helmet.
  4. I prefer no go-pros. They are a distraction and could fall off, I will endeavor to get some hero footage of you on track.

The RedNeck is indeed popular for breakfast for the morning of ART. They set up a buffet style breakfast for us and many do attend.

Please review the ART Home/sub-pages over the next few weeks, as I will keep adding information and pictures.

ART Home Page



ART Head Coach


Hi All,

I am super excited for the ART school and have a few pretty easy question. Feel free to chime in if you have the answers.

  • I have a 750GS with 80/20 Michelin anakee adventure tires. Will this be a problem? (The tires, not the bike)
  • I would like to ride up with my panniers on but would like to take the course with them off. Will there be a place to put the panniers while taking ART?
  • I see an old forum post from 2019 indicating the removal of a communication system. Is this still the case?
  • Judging by the potential answer to my previous question, are we able to have a GoPro mounted to out helmets throughout ART?

Lastly, I would like to see how many people will be attending the 6:30 breakfast at the RedNeck Bistro? That is my GO-TO place for lunch when snowmobiling so I am looking forward to having an excuse to go again!



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