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Who’s riding to ART the morning of?
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I always ride to ART. I'm about an hour away near Foymount. It's a little cool at 6:00 AM but wakes me up.

Hi all,

The riders meeting is planned for 8:15.

You should plan to arrive in time to have everything ready to go by then.

More info will follow to all registrants.



ART Head Coach

PS Moving this thread to the ART Forum. 😁

According to Google it takes anywhere between 1h15-1h40 to get there from my place.

Based on historical numbers for May 30th Google suggest I leave by 5h50am to be there at 07h30.

I didn't think of it but I can at least strip and tape my bike and get it on a trailer on Sunday.

It's going to be a long day so being able to drive back seems like a good idea.

I believe start time is 08:30??? So bit earlier say 08:00 🤷‍♂️ Once the schedule is posted I’ll know for sure.

We will either ride up or trailer. It’s really only about 45 minutes so not bad at all. Since there is no tech inspection needed you could probably get there for around 8 - enough time to do a bit of taping and sound check before the riders meeting, which I assume is around 8:30

edit I missed that you were coming from Gatineau. A little longer ride for you.

What is your target arrival time Kevin?

I will be, riding to Calabogie from Kanata. 👍🏻

Hi all,

I’m debating riding from Gatineau to ART the morning of and am wondering how many others are considering the same.

Seems like accommodations are mostly full and what’s left is fairly expensive or has constraints like a 2 night minimum.



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