Mark your calendars, 2018 ART School will be held May 28 2018. Registration will be open soon.  Members may find registration information on our private FaceBook page.  Non-members may send us a message for more information.

The Advanced Rider Training School has been expressly developed by the BMW Motorcycle Club of Ottawa to provide a vehicle for developing, presenting and delivering a series of discrete skill based motorcycle rider training courses.

ART School was developed to teach and enhance “cornering” skills.

For the 50 participants it offers three opportunities for learning and practicing motorcycle theory, skills and techniques.

• Knowledge from reading the ART School Student Handbook and other recommended references on riding and skills development,

• Presentations and discussions in formal classroom sessions, and

• Practice, on the Calabogie Motorsport Park most excellent track, under the supervision of knowledgeable coaches.

Thanks to all the volunteers that made ART 2017 the best ever in its 10th year running.